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i wanna have a bitchin avatar.....or a banner. ill make a theme song dedicated to YOU. just lemme know what kind of song that you wanna have and ill MAKE it.....and stuff. so yea. DEW IT pleasE?

also PPL dont forget to RATE AND COMMENT my stuff.

It realy is importantvto have u guys keep lookin up on mycstuff.. Dont forget to rate and comment. Thanks

ITS MUCH NEEDED for me to advance as an artist based on opinion. i wanna make music to help YOUR flash submissions, but i cant do that if i dont get reviewed or rated. so PLEASE do so. thanks

NEW SONG and stuff....rate?

2011-11-28 22:27:44 by Uberstuff

pleeeease rate, ESPECIALLY comment. im new to this music thin on newgrounds. i make guitar stuff all the time but i cant record worth shit haha, but i REALLY wanna do the digital music as well and make music for you guys, in any department that i can, so REALLY check and comment my stuff, or even message me. it would be GREATLY appreciated.

ALSO if i could get an artist to make me a sweet avatar for this site, i would probably use it for everything, but PLEASE make it like KNUTSAX a logo or something. that would be bitchin. thanks for the considerations

thats pretty cool. id still like you guys to continue lookin at my mussssiiiicccc and rate and or comment pleasee. it would help me out as an artist.

MORE STUFF.....and stuff

2011-11-12 01:23:15 by Uberstuff

i have moar songs......and stuff

also i would love to try to make songs for artists and such. but i need like...something specific or i know what to make ya know?

for i am your doctor, do what i tell you.
or whateveer.
PLEASE rate and comment, cuz i know u guys are at lest starting to listen to them, just take that little time to press that button. PLEEEEAAASSSSEEE

2 today, 2 more tommmorrow

2011-11-07 13:18:28 by Uberstuff

hey guys=D. please rate and comment my work! it would be greatly appreciated for me to evolve and grow as an audio artist, so PLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE rate and comment. ill reply to EVERYONE =D


2011-11-01 12:17:12 by Uberstuff


im not sure whether or not u can actually look or hear them yet....but im Dj Knutsax! im a noob but i think my stuff can be pretty bitchin if put to some animation or lyrics. whatever suits your fancy. so please check out my stuff! its late now and i only uploaded 2 songs for the time being but by tomorrow ill have....5 more...i think.....stuff......but yea! please check me out